And relax

Relax, boil the kettle and let me tell you what I’ve seen, since I was born just over a year ago in Royal Aberdeen.

At first I saw the forceps and then I saw the light, thankfully then I saw my mother, she was a truly stunning sight.
My dad watched over us as a tear rolled down his cheek, perhaps he knew how much we’d cry as a family in our first week.
I saw grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins, and had big friends and little friends show up by the dozens.
Mum magically made me milk and fed me by herself, while dad just made a noise and general nuisance of himself.
At first I slept in a basket before I grew into my cot, growing tired of dad whinging about all the things that he had bought.
Initially I just slept and cried and slept and fed, building strength and conserving energy for the journey that lay ahead.
I lifted my head at tummy time and dad duly hit the roof, “I told you she’d be strong” he squealed “and now we have the proof”.
I rolled from my tummy then rolled from my back, dad monitored my every move and I quickly got the knack.
After months of homemade milk I finally saw real food, and although my face didn’t always show it, everything tasted really good.
With some in my tummy and the rest spread up the wall, I soon gained sufficient strength to enable me to crawl.
Of course dad lost it again, overwhelmed and completely enthralled, mum was a bit more practical and baby gates were soon installed. 
I’ve covered a thousand miles from the comfort of my pram, and travelled even further in a car, a bus and a tram.
I’ve climbed stairs, slid down chutes and swung on many a swing, and already lived through Summer, Autumn, Winter and the Spring.
I’ve seen dogs and cats and fish and birds, and toys and books and a thousand words.
I’ve been swimming, had baths and been scrubbed daily from head to toe, and watch dad capture every intimate moment in a quickly taken photo.
I’ve seen the midwife, the doctor and the dentist too, and been prodded and jabbed until the next appointment is due.
I’ve become fluent in a language my parents don’t fully understand, I’ve seen dad disagree with mum but she always gets the upper hand. 
One day soon we will all sit and talk, just as soon as I turn these 10 steps into a proper adult walk.
Now it is time to rest, to ponder and recover, when I next open my eyes there will be a whole new world to discover.


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